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Job Evaluation and Civil Service Remuneration Guideline

Job evaluation ensures that remuneration across the Civil Service is based on the requirements of the position as defined in the role description.

The salary bands are transparent and consistent, with clearer definitions than were available before.

How are jobs evaluated ?
  • Ministries are responsible to coordinate Job Evaluation Committees (JEC) made up of accredited evaluators. The process determines the level of position (salary band) in the organisation based on a range of job factors – the person is not evaluated.
  • The Permanent Secretary must approve all job evaluations and re-evaluations. HR quality assure job documentation and coordinate with the Job Evaluation Committees. Outcomes are recommended to the Permanent Secretary for approval and then forwarded to the Job Evaluation Leadership Team (JELT) to moderate. JELT ensures consistency across the service.
What are the salary bands ?
  • There are 15 Bands with seven steps - all jobs are allocated a Band from A (bottom) to O (top).
  • Initial contract offers are made to steps 1 to 3, based on the results of the recruitment process. Subsequent movement in steps is based on confirmed performance results.
Will employees with more qualifications get a higher salary ?
  • The Guideline outlines position-based pay. If a person holds higher qualifications than those required for the post, there is no additional pay however individual performance is rewarded through a performance assessment.
Did civil servants lose their jobs through job evaluation ?
  • No Civil Servants were disadvantaged or lost their jobs through the 2017 Job Evaluation exercise. Contract management and performance assessment are now under the Performance Management Framework.
Please read the full terms and conditions outlined in the Guideline.
Fijian Civil Service Salary Bands

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