Fijian Civil Service

Public Service Commission

Functions of the Public Service Commission

In accordance with Section 126 (1) of the 2013 Constitution, the Public Service Commission has the following functions :

  • To appoint permanent secretaries with the agreement of the Prime Minister
  • To remove permanent secretaries with the agreement of the Prime Minister
  • To institute the disciplinary action against permanent secretaries
  • To make such other appointments and perform such other duties, functions and responsibilities as may be prescribed by written law.

In support to its constitutional functions, the Public Service Commission is responsible for setting consistent service standards across the Fijian Civil Service including issuing guidelines such as the Open Merit Based Recruitment and Selection Guideline and administering the Procedural Review Process and Performance Assessment Framework that encompasses the monitoring of the core deliverables of the Permanent Secretaries. The Public Service Commission is supported by a secretariat based at the Ministry of Civil Service.

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Mr. Luke Rokovada (Chairman)

Mr. Avi Raju

Ms. Mereseini Baleilevuka

Mr. Nesbitt Hazelman

Ms. Vilitati Mataitini

Procedural Review Process

The Procedural Review Process (PRP) allows for unsuccessful applicants to appeal against the recruitment and selection processes only. It is applicable only for appointments to substantive vacancies.

PRP serves as a monitoring mechanism for Ministries to ensure that all recruitment and selection and related procedures adhere to the principles of Open Merit Recruitment and Selection.

The review is available for all substantive vacancies that are advertised on or after 01 January, 2017.

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