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Open Merit Recruitment and Selection Guideline

The Fijian Civil Service has changed the way we recruit and reward people. The recruitment process is now open and transparent designed to attract people from diverse experiences and professional abilities. The Civil Service then selects the most suitable person to deliver services to the Fijian people, based on the knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the position.

As a civil servant, this means promotion is open and fair, eliminating any nepotism or discrimination in the workplace.

How is recruitment different ?

The Fijian Civil Service is an equal opportunity employer – entry is open to anyone and competition for all positions are transparent. We aim to attract driven candidates with outstanding qualities who bring with them a diverse range of experiences and professional abilities.

Candidates are assessed on their ability to demonstrate their knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the position. Selection is objective, transparent and timely to appoint the best person for the job that will deliver quality services for the Fijian people.

What is the recruitment process ?

Not all steps are required for all positions, panels will select the most appropriate methods of assessment for each position.

  • Role Description
    Role description is developed and aligned with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Individual Work Plans (IWPs).
  • Recruitment Strategy / Plan
    Recruitment strategy / plan is developed including an attraction and sourcing strategy with indicative timeframes.
  • Advertising
    Advertisements with bold statements and succinct wording ensures we attract the active and passive job seekers.
  • Long listing
    This process involves assessment against the basic criteria required in the application. In most instances in the Fijian Government, long listing consists of ensuring that the applicants are younger than 55 years old, and Fijian citizens.
  • Short-listing
    The selection process will involve assessment of your CV and claims against the selection criteria. It is important that you address each selection criterion thoroughly and succinctly in your application and only include information that is relevant to the position. Applications should be acknowledged on receipt.
  • Job Test
    Applicants may be required to undergo a job competency test. This will be set by the selection panel. A competency test assesses your ability to do the job in a setting as close to the real job as possible –for example preparing presentations, writing an analysis, or driving tests.
  • Behavioural Interview
    If you are short-listed you may be required to attend an interview. Questions should be behaviour based. Behavioural interview questions focus on how you handled various work situations in the past. Your response will reveal your skills, abilities and experience.
  • Referees
    Please include details of two referees on the application form or included in your CV. Referees may be contacted at any time after the applications close.
  • Advice and feedback
    All applicants should receive acknowledgement and advice including feedback if their application is unsuccessful.
  • Approval
    The Selection Panel produces a selection report containing recommendations based on the relative capacity of the applicants to achieve outcomes related to the duties and expectations of the position. This will need approval by the respective Permanent Secretary with the endorsement of the Hon. Minister.
  • Procedural Review Process
    A procedural review process is available for substantive vacancies. The only considerations are whether the Ministry’s process was followed and whether that process is consistent with this guideline- it is a paper based appeals process. It does not consider or reconsider merit of the applicants. The procedural review process is to be lodged with the Public Service Commission.
What is the selection process ?
  • Selection panels are appointed at the time of advertisement and ready to commence the process as soon as the vacancy closes. They consist of trained, relevant and diverse panel members at the appropriate level with a HR representative as Secretariat. One member will be appointed by the Permanent Secretary as the Chair of the panel. Ministry and Government entity employees will be granted duty time to sit on panels for another Ministry, subject to the approval of the Permanent Secretary. The panel is responsible for determining and setting the appropriate selection tools, including writing interview or test questions.
  • The selection process uses a mix of tools based on knowledge, experience, skills and abilities (KESA) documented in the role description. The selection tools may include work samples, presentations, testing, and interviews.
  • Where multiple positions are available for appointment (including pool positions), or where there is more than one suitable applicant for a single position, an order of merit list will be compiled and offers made based on that order of merit.
  • Order of Merit is the final list of candidates, listed in order of their results in the selection process. Referee checks are conducted for the recommended applicant.
  • The selection process is timely and advises applicants with feedback of the selection outcome.
Please read the full terms and conditions outlined in the Guideline.

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