Fijian Civil Service

Modernising Ministries

We are establishing ourselves as a modern Civil Service.

How are Ministries modernising?

We are restructuring to become more competitive, mapping business processes and evolving with the use of technology to remain relevant and beneficial to the Fijian people.

We are committed to rewarding performance and treating our employees fairly and equitably with modern practices. Recent changes have ensured that our employment practices follow international best-practice adapted to suit the Fijian context. Ministries continue to update their roles to ensure they meet the service delivery needs for Fijian people.

Modernising Ministries is also about embedding a culture of performance, fostering collaboration and communication, building the expertise of the workforce and improving the quality of services to the Fijian people.

How are we embracing technology?

We are rolling out a HR Management Information System (HRMIS) to store, organise and report HR information for better management of employees in the Civil Service.

The Employee Portal allows Civil Servants to take control of their own learning and performance and provides a transparent system for managing their leave.

Technology is also changing the way we engage with Fijian people. The Digital Fiji app, a partnership with the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, provides the public direct access to services at the tap of a button.

To learn more about how we are modernising and creating a culture of excellence, visit our News page.

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