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April 9, 2020



APRIL 2020

1.0       Background

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, you may have an employee who is in self-isolation, quarantine, or who has tested positive for the virus. This guideline provides some direction to the permanent secretary on measures that can be undertaken under such circumstances. 

2.0       Code of Conduct

All Civil Servants are reminded that they should at all times uphold the Public Service Values and Public Service Code of Conduct, and conduct themselves as role models by actively supporting and adhering to all directives given by officials.

Failure to comply with lawful directions will be considered a breach of the code of conduct and the employee will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Discipline Guideline.

3.0       Definitions

The term “employee” in this context refers to salaried staff, wage earners, volunteers and attaches. An employee is a current staff member of a Ministry, either with a current contract, a MOA or other signed agreement or who is permanently employed. The provisions apply equally to those on probation, short and long term contracts and agreements.

Relevant clauses from the Work from Home guideline (WFH), Discipline Guideline, General Orders 2011 and Terms and Conditions of Employment for Government Wage Earners 2010 (T&C for GWE) will be applicable.

 4.0       Self – Isolation/Quarantine

An employee who is under self-isolation, or quarantine, must inform their Human Resource Department through their immediate supervisor.

Self – isolation or quarantine shall be treated as WFH as per clause 13 of the WFH guidelines.


5.0       Tested Positive for COVID-19

Where an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, any period where they are unable to work due to the illness shall be treated as inpatient sick leave as per the General Orders (Section 710 (c.) (i-ii) (d), and the T&C for GWE (Clause 62 (b) (i-iv)).

Where an employee contracts COVID 19 through their own risky behaviour, clause 710 of the General Orders will apply and sick leave on full salary will not be granted.


6.0       Steps To Take When an Employee is a Close Contact of a COVID-19 Patient or Tests Positive for COVID-19

(i)           Any employee who believes that he/she has been in contact with a known COVID-19 patient, or displays any influenza like symptoms must immediately notify the Ministry of Health and Medical Service on the COVID-19 Helpline 158, and their Human               Resources Department through their immediate supervisor.

(ii)     The Supervisor and the Human Resources Department shall confirm that the employee must stay at home and wait to be contacted by the medical authorities. The Human Resources Department is to also advise the Ministry of Health and Medical Services of the case.

(iii)      If the employee is well enough to work, WFH arrangements will apply in accordance with the WFH Guideline.

(iv)    The Human Resources Department will confirm the employee’s leave entitlements, and advise the employee to document their movements and contacts in preparation for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

(v)      The Human Resources Department must identify the employees who work closely with the infected employee, and advise them to notify the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, and to work from home until cleared to return to the office environment.

(vi)     The Human Resources Department must liaise with the appropriate Administration section of the  Ministry to arrange for deep cleaning of any areas of the workplace as deemed appropriate in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

(vii)      The Human Resources Department must inform the Permanent Secretary of the employee(s) infected and action taken, with regular updates on progress as testing is conducted and results received.

(viii)    The Permanent Secretary should provide sufficient information to all Ministry staff that will assist in keeping other employees safe, but, they must, however, take steps to ensure that the employee is not stigmatised and or discriminated in any way.

(ix)         The Permanent Secretary should remind staff to follow all directives and instructions from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, respect the privacy of their colleagues and not to speculate on circumstances or share information on social media.

(x)     The Human Resources Department and the immediate supervisor should maintain contact with the affected employees to offer support and seek updates.


Table 1 highlights the responsibilities for the departments/roles within the ministry. 

Ministry of Civil Service

9 April 2020

Permanent Secretary

Disseminate sufficient information to all staff to enable them to stay safe, maintain confidentiality for affected employees and reassure all employees.

 Keep in contact with HR, Supervisor and employees as appropriate

Human Resources 

·Self-isolate and wait for instructions from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS)

· Notify MHMS (158)

·Notify their HR and Supervisor

·Identify all contacts and movements in preparation for MHMS officers

·Follow all instructions of the MHMS

·Keep HR and Supervisor informed of progress and any change in circumstances or health


·Notify MHMS and confirm that the employee has also been told to notify them

·Follow all instructions given by MHMS staff

·Identify close contacts within the office and advise them to self-isolate, and notify MHMS

·Notify MHMS of close contacts with in the office and that they have been sent home to self-isolate

·Confirm with the employee/s work from home arrangements or leave entitlements

·Identify the areas visited by the employee/s and arrange for deep cleaning of those areas

·Inform the Permanent Secretary of the details including action taken

·Draft information for dissemination by the Permanent Secretary to all Ministry employees

·Maintain contact with the employee/s and provide regular updates for the Permanent Secretary

·Reassure the employee

·Confirm with HR that they are aware of the situation

·Assist HR to identify close contacts within the office

·Identify work for all affected employees for work from home arrangements

·Maintain contact with the affected employee/s

·Reassure other staff

·Maintain confidentiality of staff details

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