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Writing Skills Training Program for civil servants

June 21, 2021

The Ministry of Civil Service, in partnership with the Australian Government, commenced specialised training for Fijian civil servants in business writing skills.

Conducted during the months of June and July 2021, the training programme will see over 200 civil servants, across 24 ministries participate in topics related to: persuasive briefs, influential speeches, compelling reports, business processes and project proposals/plans.  

Providing the training is Ethos CRS, a Canberra-based organisation with significant experience designing and delivering training for the Australian Public Service Commission in similar areas. Ethos CRS is ensuring that the Fijian Government training programme is tailored to the local context by drawing on the Fijian Civil Service Style Guide and working closely with representatives from each ministry.

The participants are not letting COVID-19 restrictions impact their learning outcomes, with all participants now connecting and actively engaging via Zoom.

Permanent Secretary for Civil Service, Ms Susan Kiran, said that the Ministry has been actively working to ensure that civil servants are not deprived of ongoing professional development opportunities during this pandemic.

She said that with the timely assistance of Australian Government, the training programme on business writing skills will provide close to 200 civil servants techniques to hone their writing skills.

She said the upon completion of this training program, the participants will have a clear understanding and appreciation of enhanced writing skills and an ability to produce key outputs for Fiji’s service delivery.

Ms Kiran also expressed appreciation to the Australian Government who, for more than 60 years, has supported emerging Fijian leaders to develop the skills and knowledge to drive change and build enduring people-to-people links through study, research and professional development in Australia or the Pacific.

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