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Senior Leaders as Drivers for Performance

August 29, 2019

Twenty senior leaders across the Fijian Civil Service boosted their leadership skills as part of a transformational leadership programme this week, led by the Ministry of Civil Service.

Over 100 executive level civil servants have taken part in the intensive week-long training since mid-2018 – better enabling management to focus on services to the people.

Permanent Secretary for Civil Service Ms Susan Kiran said the Ministry is committed to enhancing management and leadership capacity throughout the Civil Service.

“This training will have a ripple effect. Our senior leaders are the drivers for cultivating a culture of learning and performance. By targeting the leadership level, we believe this will lead to empowered employees and enhanced services for the Fijian people,” said Ms Kiran.

The programme challenges participants on several dimensions of leadership with a focus on strategy, innovation, coaching and mentoring, managing risks and customer-driven solutions.

Participants create a unique learning community through networking, and a Permanent Secretary mentor is arranged for ongoing support.

Colonial War Memorial Hospital Acting Director of Nursing Ms Kelera Soata said, “As leaders we can bring about positive changes and have an impact on the institution as a whole. This training has equipped me to make changes that will help contribute to better results.”

The programme is facilitated by Dr Jagdishwar Sing who brings CEO level experience and is a well-regarded management trainer in Australia and the Pacific.

The Ministry of Civil Service facilitates a range of learning and development opportunities including core skills training, leadership training and has initiated a Cadetship programme for top graduates.

The seventh Senior Leadership Programme will welcome a new round of participants in September.

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